Reconnective Animal Healing.

The Reconnetive Healing also covers a huge aspect in Animal Healing. Please find here some testimonials and pictures.


Reconnective Animal Healing:


Reconnective Distant Animal Healing from Australia – my testimonial:

Hi Lulu , I wanted to thank you so much for your love friendship and healing touch, when you asked Michelle and I if you could come to stay with us on the Sunshine Coast so you could attend a energy healing workshop in November (2014) I did not anticipate that I would be in your chosen home (the beautiful island of Bali) a few weeks later receiving the benefits of your new gift. The two healings I received from you have caused a massive transformation at a moment in time when I felt under attack and vulnerable. The healing itself was a “mystical” experience and my nature on my return home was relaxed and determined which allowed me to take the necessary action to rid myself of negative situation and move forward through the “door” into an exciting new chapter in my “life” Thank you so much for sharing your “gift of healing” Love and light.


Reconnective Animal Healing on my own dog:

My first healing back home was on my Lil dog, she has very bad Rheumatics and finds it hard to lay down or get up, she would howl, and she has been on pain killers for 1 month. I have now done 2 Reconnective Animal healings taught by the lovely Renee Coltson, and she is off her pain killers and has eased up dramatically. She even got her freakiness back and is going out for walks again. Thank you Reconnection. Bless this powerful healing.


animal healing horse

Picture taken at the Reconnective Animal Healing seminar  with Renee Coltson in Queensland.