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Please find here some testimonials of my clients.

Let their experience speak for itself…


Monica M Lawton - Style Compass Media
Monica M Lawton – Style Compass Media


I had my first experience with a ‘reconnective healing’ with Lulu Kerr.  I had been avoiding these healing offers for years, because I didn’t want my thoughts to be influenced, let alone my emotions.  I’ve known Lulu for years before having her do a ‘reconnective healing’.  It’s interesting how you can have someone in your life, and suddenly learn what it is they do for a living almost a decade later.  I like to walk because I’m a writer, I need to experience things in slow motion.  One day after visiting the dentist, I was walking down the street, and Lulu honked her horn, and motioned for me to step to the side of the road.  This is normal in Bali to have the most profound conversation of your day, then have it followed by the most profound healings of your life.  Except unbeknownst to Lulu, I had never had any type of healing before, so I had nothing to compare my experience to.  I will say, each session brought on new thoughts, and emotions.  I was able to have closure on relationships which needed to end, and I was able to reach out to other’s who were needing some attention, I had been neglecting to address.  I feel better, lighter, with clearer thoughts, and intentions.  The most important thing Lulu does, is after the healing, she will ask you series of questions.  It’s important to have a guide back into the hear, and now, otherwise you can walkout of the office feeling a bit displaced emotionally.  Lulu also offers ‘distant healings’, which allows her to heal someone from a far.  In my opinion this is the greatest gift you can offer another person, the gift of letting go, and the ability to receive light information.

Dear Lulu

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful reconnective healing session during my trip to Bali.
Your warmth professionalism, and generosity were evident from the moment I
met you and I felt very at ease.  During my session I had some amazing visions and you were able to pin point
an area in my body that was in need of healing.  I felt very comfortable and valued during the session and i’m looking  forward to seeing you again for another treatment.

Kind regards,




When I came to Lulu for a healing session I was not quite sure what to expect, and I wasn’t quite sure what I needed healing for. I just felt compelled to experience what she had to offer – What she called the Reconnective Healing.

The part I found interesting was that Lulu asked me not to tell her what was ‘wrong’ or what I needed to heal. Being a curious but open-minded inquirer, I asked how her healing method worked, and she explained briefly that it works on balancing the energetic body of life and (with Light, Information) not just in the physical body. In fact it can go as far as to cause positive change in the life situations and experiences we face, which makes sense to me as they are just a projection of the state of our various bodies including the physical and the energetic. I underwent a series of 3 sessions with Lulu, the ideal number to effect a meaningful change through this method. What was the result and my experience? Well for me it was a general sense of balance, and peace that I felt on many levels, both physical and energetic. I also found a number of favorable life situations and circumstances manifest for me, and I found I was given the energy and support to carry them out.


Day 6 of our Canggu New Years Detox Diary: healing. This one is a little personal. With the New Year comes new plans, new pressures we put on ourselves, the shedding of old baggage and forming of new habits. I recently went through an icky breakup, and recognized whilst it’s all well and good to heal the body in an effort to feel better, there’s almost no point if you don’t also heal the mind/emotions/ego. Which brought me to Reconnective Healing. Now I’m a self confessed smart ass and sceptic: but this got me. I couldn’t argue with it’s power. During my 60 minute session I experienced sensations as energy shifted around my body. Today was my fourth session, and final, for now. I have felt a monumental shift within my self. I feel lighter, detached, happy- I’m buying sunflowers for gosh sake! My chosen practitioner is Lulu, based in Umalas. She’s a wonder! I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this healing, so how could I not share?!? Message our page for contact details x


From my little clinic where I am enjoying my work with the The Reconnective Healing, my client yesterday had a few experiences to share with me. When she came into the room she said she saw 2 orb like lights hovering in the healing room (she mentioned this after the healing). She also said that she was in a bubble of light which expanded, and had an amazing amount of energy. Her heart had pain, and her hands too she said, her body was tingling and there was much light all around her, she became very relaxed. She was extremely happy to have had this healing treatment with me. She had read Dr Eric Pearls Book and being an energetic healer herself, she so wanted to try the Reconnective Healing. After hearing Dr William Tiller findings, as he was asked/invited by Dr Eric Pearl to monitor the Seminar room with a device, this device registered a huge difference in energy before, during, and after the seminar, here I would say we have conformation of light…. Yes….


Dear Lulu, a friend of mine highly recommended you. I felt like my depression would come back since I am going through a rough time. I have no idea, what you did to me, but it seems to help. I am very positive and relaxed now. All those thoughts that were permanently running through my head suddenly stopped. Instead of being sad and stressed, I am making plans now and I enjoy the challenges. The healing sessions itself were mindblowing. It is hard to explain what happens, but I felt such a strong energy. My head was shaking, my body was vibrating and my arm was moving. It only took a few hours and I could already see enormous changes in my whole personality. It really changed my life. You are an angel Lulu and I will highly recommend you. Thank you!


Hi everyone. It is a beautiful day in Bali and I have a rest period so I thought I would let you know some healing news. I have given a friend of mine 3 sessions over the past week, and I am very happy to tell you all, that this young man of 37 years of age had, I say had, 57 tumors all down his back and right arm, and a lot of mental stress. He is happily balanced and all his 57 tumors have gone, and just left with one which is soft, not hard and hurting like all the others before. I will check on that last one in a few days and give you the heads up. I am extremely happy that I have found my passion in this remarkable Reconnective Healing, and bless you all for this Seasons Greetings…Happy holidays to you all xox


My first healing back home was on my Lil dog, she has very bad Rheumatics and finds it hard to lay down or get up, she would howl, and she has been on pain killers for 1 month. I have now done 2 Reconnective Animal healings taught by the lovely Renee Coltson, and she is off her pain killers and has eased up dramatically. She even got her freakiness back and is going out for walks again. Thank you Reconnection. Bless this powerful healing.


Hi Lulu , I wanted to thank you so much for your love friendship and healing touch, when you asked Michelle and I if you could come to stay with us on the Sunshine Coast so you could attend a energy healing workshop in November (2014) I did not anticipate that I would be in your chosen home (the beautiful island of Bali) a few weeks later receiving the benefits of your new gift. The two healings I received from you have caused a massive transformation at a moment in time when I felt under attack and vulnerable. The healing itself was a “mystical” experience and my nature on my return home was relaxed and determined which allowed me to take the necessary action to rid myself of negative situation and move forward through the “door” into an exciting new chapter in my “life” Thank you so much for sharing your “gift of healing” Love and light.


Testimonials of other healers:

Jono Riordan did a healing on my Grand Daughter here in Bali. She has been a very moody person around her time of the month. When he did manage to talk with her she said that she had no pain, her emotions were calm and she was not feeling angry any more, also she said she felt her heart do a leap and she felt the anger leaving her being. To tell you all the truth, she has been a rebel and extremely difficult young girl, and now I find I am truly liking her changed adulthood behavior, she has become soft and sweet…and a pleasure to be with…. Good work Jono