Client Testimonials The Reconnection.


Please find here the beautiful experiences of my clients for the Reconnection.


I met Lulu on the beach the first morning of a short holiday in Seminyak. For some time now I had been in a funk. I had found myself repeatedly saying ” I want to rub myself out and draw myself again”. As I walked to the beach that morning the same old unhealthy thoughts were looping in my brain.

Enamoured by Lulu’s poodles we chatted on the beach . There was a lovely vibe and from talk of poodles came talk of healing and The Reconnection . I had the book at home. I had never read it . I made an appointment with Lulu for a Reconnective Healing the next day .
Lulu made me feel very relaxed about The Healing and I trusted her implicitly. Initially it was difficult to stop my busy thoughts but then my thoughts seemed to leave my head and become butterflies . They fluttered above my head to my great delight . The feeling of lightness was sublime . Briefly I thought about my Dad who passed a few years back . The Healing continued. I was aware of my right hand moving away from the side of my body . It kept moving until I firmly felt my Dad’s elegant yet old hand in mine . Such warmth , comfort and joy . I wanted to dance !
I was elated , calm and energised as we finished the session. We made plans for The Reconnection later in the week and I remained on a high for the rest of the day.
The two Reconnection experiences were quite different . The first : profound and deep . The second : light and playful .
Experience One : there was some difficulty settling the mind initially . Like a slide show , the various stages of my life to this point , flickered by . My thoughts then , no longer butterflies swirled in front of my eyes in an elliptical shape – like an infinity symbol . I felt my forearms rise from the table . I had no control over the movement . I was in the zone . There was some nausea but it was not distressing . It felt like it was associated with a purging of sorts . My lower limbs and eyes twitched intermittently . Deep within my body was a rocking sensation as if being rocked in a cradle . I felt loved and nurtured to my very core .
Experience Two : the energy this time was childlike and frisky . I felt my hands move in the shape of the infinity sign while my body began the rocking sensation experienced previously . These two movements happening simultaneously felt gorgeously choreographed and sensual. I felt liberated , unburdened . Awake !
In the coming days and weeks I felt more mindful , less reactionary . I experienced greater feelings of self worth . I’m energised , calm and grounded .
Thank You , Lulu and The Reconnection .
Perhaps I have been rubbed out and drawn again 🙂