About Lulu.

I am happy to announce that I, Lulu, am now a fully qualified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, a Reconnection Certified
Practitioner, and a Reconnective Animal Practitioner (Renee Coltson). I passed my assessments in Australia 2014/15 on the Sunshine Coast Seminar with Doctor Eric Pearl.

Some of you might not have heard of the term ‘The Reconnection’ and the Reconnective Healing’ as it’s relatively new. It is not an energetic healing as in e.g. Reiki, but it is gifted with light, energy, information, and founded by Doctor Eric Pearl, who is an Ex Chiropractor. (Ex as the Doctor Pearl does not practice Chiropractics any more, he now teaches ‘The Reconnection’ exclusively.)

Having been a healer for the past 15 years, my first look into healing happened by chance. Crystals became a great part of my life while voyaging across the USA in the late 60’s. Here on this trip I started a huge Crystal collection with Crystals from the USA, Mexico, and Columbia, and then later Brazil, India and other countries such as Australia. Crystals fascinated me from the first time I laid my eyes on them, for their energy, color and magnificent formations. Not really knowing anything about their power, I became a crystals Healer and a Jewelry designer much later on while living in Bali. I also managed to set up my own shop here in Bali with the help of my eldest son Sami. Atlantisgems used to be a well known shop in Seminyak, which I set up with my friend Momo.

The Crystal healing sessions consisted of the Laying of the Stones; Past Life-regression, Dispelling Sorrow and / or grieving, letting go of frustrations, fear, moving forwards, grounding and also practicing Line ups of the ancient Atlantan Healing methods, which are extremely powerful. I also teach lessons for young ones or those who would like to learn. I was having great success in the elimination of breast cancer on one of my clients, which was fully and successfully eliminated within 20 minutes. After this huge success I then went on to work for the relief of Parkinson’s decease, and Re-Birthing and learnt how to use dowsing rods as well.

I was also lucky enough to work with a Vortex, which happened to be on my property here in Bali. A Vortex is where the magnetic lay lines cross each other forming a grid around the Planet, being able to access this area creates a powerful healing zone, known as a Vortex. I also incorporated this area for meditation, another power house seemed to emerge here too.

I studied Reiki and then set up a room in my home for Reiki and Crystal Healing and further for Mediations and the playing of the Crystal Sing Bowls. I started to become less interested in making Jewelry and concentrated consciously more on the healing side of my life.

One day my daughter from France sent me a link to Dr. Eric Pearl and ‘The Reconnection’. When I heard what he had to say in his videos, it all started to make great sense to me. We become Reconnected to our source, that which we were intentionally born with. I just knew I had to go to do Doctor Eric’s seminar and so I booked into his seminars without any hesitation. This has been a wonderful decision as I finally found my true passion. It is very exciting, one actually heals others, and heals oneself at the same time. Perfect.

It has to do with two things and two things only, the readiness of my clients desire and the readiness of the allowing. This combination allows the readiness of their healing every time.


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